My World in My Words

My World in My Words is meant to help others understand how those with special needs feel. It encourages caregivers and perhaps even teachers feel about those they care for and teach. The author provides words of encouragement to those with special needs, so they know how important they are. The words are meant to inspire them to know they are validated in their feelings and can achieve their best no matter what it is.

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Sonya Mosicant has many years of experience in special education and working with children. She wants to make a difference for kids in the world, so they are safe, loved and cared for no matter what they need. Making the world a better place for all children is close to her heart. This book is written to encourage people to accept others who look different from them. Teaching the children that lesson in life is important to her so the world is a better place for all children. They are our future and close to her heart.

The book acknowledges all caregivers with the respect and encouragement they need. This book addresses readers to be more aware of how they can impact the world and makes it easier to understand what caregivers feel as they care for those with needs. Her greatest desire is to share that everyone was created with love and has value in the world.